3nd workshop
Mathematical Challenges of Zero-Range Physics:
rigorous results and open problems

Rome, 9-13 July 2018


Gianfausto Dell'Antonio
Alessandro Michelangeli

This meeting follows the first two editions of Munich 2014 and Trieste 2016, and focuses on the new results and open problems in the field.

Topics include:
  • Unitary gases: stability, trimer losses and re-combinations, Efimov states, Thomas effect
  • Zero-range Hamiltonians of Ter-Martyrosian-Skornyakov type for particle systems with contact interactions
  • Models of contact interactions supported on curves and hyper-surfaces
  • Quantum particles on shrinking wave-guides and on metric graphs
  • Effective models of quantum environments with zero-range interactions
  • Dynamical and dispersive properties of singular perturbations of the Laplacian, and fractional singular Sobolev spaces
  • Singular perturbations of the Dirac operator
  • Point interaction Hamiltonians on finite domains and spectral shape optimisation
  • Self-adjoint extension theories, boundary triplet theory, and Krein-like formulas