Alice Rizzardo

Mathematical Physics sector

Office: 733
Phone: 040 37 87 450
My Curriculum Vitae.

I am a postdoc in SISSA . I graduated from Columbia University in May 2012. My advisor was Johan de Jong .

I work in Algebraic Geometry, and specifically on derived categories of coherent sheaves on a projective variety. In particular, I have been studying functors between derived categories of coherent sheaves and how they can be expressed in a geometric way. In general, I am interested in investigating the behavior of the derived category of a scheme using techniques ranging from homological algebra to representation theory.

I am a local organizer for this year's Gael, which will take place in SISSA on June 23 to 27, 2014. Do come! The deadline for applications is on March 1st.

A. Rizzardo and M. Van den Bergh, Scalar extensions of derived categories and non-Fourier-Mukai functors, pdf
A. Rizzardo, Representations of cohomological functors over extension fields, to appear in JNCG, pdf
A. Rizzardo, On the existence of Fourer-Mukai kernels, pdf

Spring 2014: I am coordinating a learning seminar on Bridgeland Stability Conditions in collaboration with ICTP, first lecture on February 6.
In the Fall of 2012 I coordinated a learning seminar on Homological Projective Duality.

Teaching (at Columbia University)
Calculus 2, Summer 2012.
Undergraduate Seminar on Percolation Theory, Spring 2012.
Calculus 2, Spring 2010
Calculus 1, Fall 2009
Calculus 1, Summer 2009