About Me

I work in Applied Mathematics area of SISSA (SISSA mathLab). I am interested in the study, modelling and simulation of Fluid Dynamics in industrial problems. I studied engineering at Politecnico di Milano getting the M.Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering, specializing in Aerodynamics. Solving the different problems I tackle everyday I got a strong background also of Optimization, Reduced Order Modelling and Computer Science Enginnering.
In my spare time I like to practice sports, in particular volleyball, and traveling, sailing and home brewing.

Contact Details

Filippo Salmoiraghi
via Bonomea 265,
34136, Trieste, ITALY


M.Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering

Politecnico di MilanoApril 2014

Thesis: Reduced-order models for potential flows past parametrized NACA airfoils based on an Isogeometric boundary element method
Advisors: Maurizio Quadrio and Andrea Manzoni
Thesis written in collaboration with the SISSA mathLab group of applied mathematics in Trieste.

B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering

Politecnico di Milano September 2011


Research fellow

SISSA September 2014 - Present

I'm currently working in the Underwater Blue Efficiency project framework.
Goal: define the optimal geometries of the exhaust manifold with respect to emissions efficiency and vibration reduction through numerical simulations.
Partners: Monte Carlo Yachts, OPTIMAD Engineering, University of Udine and Cergol Engineering (among others)


SISSA mathLab September 2013 - April 2014

I spent 8 months working on the M.Sc. Thesis.
Topics: shape parametrization, reduce order models, computational fluid dynamics, isogeometric analysis.


Here some of my professional skills.

  • Engineering
  • English, Spanish
  • CAD softwares
  • OpenFOAM, Deal.II
  • Python, Matlab, C++
  • Latex, Office environment


  • Isogeometric analysis-based reduced order modelling for incompressible linear viscous flows in parametrized shapes,
    Published on Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences journal.
  • Isogeometric analysis based reduced order modelling for incompressible viscous flows in parametrized shapes: applications to underwater shape design,
    Published on scienceOPEN.com journal.
  • Reduced Basis Isogeometric Methods (RB-IGA) for the real-time simulation of potential flows about parametrized NACA airfoils,
    Published on Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering journal.
  • Advances in geometrical parametrization and reduced order models and methods for computational fluid dynamics problems in applied sciences and engineering: overview and perspectives,
    Published on SISSA Digital Library.


  • The difference between insanity and genius is success.

    Bruce Feirstein
  • Nunc est bibendum.

  • Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.

    Leonardo da Vinci