List of abstracts

Tuesday 25

9:00--10:00   Registration

10:00--11:00   Bucur, A quantitative Faber-Krahn inequality for the Robin Laplacian eigenvalue

11:00--11:30   Coffee Break

11:30--12:30   Goldman, Striped patterns for an isoperimetric problem with long-range interactions

12:30--14:30   Lunch

14:30--15:30   Colombo, Lipschitz Changes of Variables between Perturbations of Log-Concave Measures

15:30--16:30   Ghiraldin, Allard's rectifiability theorem for anisotropic energies

16:30--17:00   Coffee Break

17:00--18:00   Velichkov, An epiperimetric inequality approach to the regularity of the free boundaries

Wednesday 26

9:30--10:30   Giacomini, A free-discontinuity approach for the optimisation of the Robin laplacian eigenvalue

10:30--11:00   Coffee Break

11:00--12:00   Rindler, Local structure of singularities in PDE-constrained measures

12:00--13:00   Mérigot, Resolution of inverse problems in geometric optics through semi-discrete optimal transport

13:00--14:20   Lunch

14:20--15:20   Mooney, Finite time blowup for parabolic systems in the plane

15:20--16:20   Aleksanyan, Analysis of blow-ups in the double obstacle problem in dimension two

15:20--16:20   Colloquium

Thursday 27

9:30--10:30   Vittone, On the rank-one theorem for BV functions

10:30--11:00   Coffee Break

11:00--12:00   Pratelli, On the problem of approximating SBV functions.

12:00--13:00   Bellettini, Stable CMC varifolds of codimension 1

13:00--14:30   Lunch

14:30--15:30   Baroni, Continuous solutions to the degenerate Stefan problem

15:30--16:00   Coffee Break

16:00--17:00   Mazzoleni, Regularity of the optimal sets for some spectral functionals

17:00--18:00   Ruffini, A variational model for charged liquid drops

Friday 28

9:30--10:30   Spadaro,An epiperimetric inequality for the thin obstacle problem

10:30--11:00   Coffee Break

11:00--12:00   Lindgren, Uniqueness of extremals for Morrey's inequality

12:00--13:00   Brasco, Elliptic equations with orthotropic structure

13:00--14:00   Lunch