10-Jun-1995 Common mistakes porting Client/Server applications from legacy networks (IBM/SNA) to TCP/IP
(italian only)
Roberto Innocente infocenter2.pdf
22-Mar-1999 MPI Performance of a PC Cluster at the ICTP
presented at the workshop PC-NETS Trends in Computer Architectures Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso 24-25 March, 1999
Roberto Innocente perf_report.pdf
15-Nov-1999 Electronic Scientific communications: from email to multimedia ( project)
presented at the workshop Web enabling: Technologies & Authoring Tools ICTP Trieste, 8-19 November, 1999
Roberto Innocente webena.pdf
20-Jun-2000 Unix Batch systems
internal seminar
Roberto Innocente batch-complete.pdf
10-Aug-2000 A PC cluster with high speed network interconnects
presented at the workshop CAPI Calcolo ad Alte Prestazioni in Italia CILEA Milano 26-27 Sptember, 2000
Roberto Innocente,M.Corbatto,S.Cozzini paper01.pdf
29-Aug-2000 Comparing scientific codes on different parallel platform
presented at the 6th European SGI/Cray MPP Workshop Manchester,UK, 7-8 September 2000
S.Cozzini, Roberto Innocente,M.Corbatto paper02.pdf
08-Oct-2000 High Performance Computing on Linux clusters: current limitations and futures
Sissa Workshop
Roberto Innocente hpc_on_linux.pdf
24-Nov-2000 MOSIX : Automatic load balancing and transparent process migration
internal seminar
Roberto Innocente mosix.pdf
12-Feb-2001 A Mosix Java Monitor Roberto Innocente mjm.htm
26-Mar-2001 End-to-end fully encrypted e-mail/internet services framework : Public Key Cryptography
presented March 2001 - Trieste
Roberto Innocente Public Key Cryptography2.pdf
01-Dec-2001 Linux clusters: Beowulf, Mosix e oltre
presented at the LinuxDay 2001 - Trieste
Roberto Innocente rilday.pdf
7-Feb-2002 Linux Clusters : Nodes and Networks Hardware
presented at the Joint ICTP-INFM School on High Performance Computing on Linux Clusters 2002
Roberto Innocente ictp-school2.pdf
15-Apr-2002 Myrinet2000 performance
internal report
Roberto Innocente,Carlo Carloni Calame,O.S.Adewale myrinet.pdf
10-May-2002 Data mining : rule mining algorithms
internal seminar
Roberto Innocente dm.pdf
20-May-2002 Parallel Data Mining of microarray biological data Roberto Innocente,Carlo Carloni Calame re_WEB.pdf
25-Jun-2002 End nodes challenges with multigigabit networking
presented at the 4th GARR Workshop, Bologna
Roberto Innocente endnodes.pdf
12-Nov-2002 Transport protocols and the Web
lecture for the ICTP 2002 Web enabling technologies Workshop
Roberto Innocente innocente_tcp-web.pdf
14-Nov-2002 Data mining Overview
lecture for the ICTP 2002 Web enabling technologies Workshop
Roberto Innocente innocente_dm-wbe.pdf
30-Nov-2002 TCP dynamics : the Linux implementation between standards and research
presented at the LinuxDay 2002, Trieste
Roberto Innocente LinuxDay2002-2.pdf
03-Oct-2003 Exploring the performance of the Myrinet PC-Cluster on Linux
submitted for publication
Roberto Innocente, Olumide S. Adewale explore_myrinet.pdf
12-Nov-2003 Virtual Interface Architecture Draft WriteUp
submitted for publication
Roberto Innocente, Olumide S. Adewale innocente_adewale.pdf
Network buffers : The BSD, Unix SVR4 and Linux approaches
 Roberto Innocente, O.S.Adewale
20-Jan-2005 Nodes and networks for HPC
tutorial for the Kumasi-Ghana joint KNUST/ICTP school
Roberto Innocente ghana-nn-revised.pdf
20-Nov-2005 Prediction and speculation
internal presentation
Roberto Innocente bp-presentation.pdf
20-Sep-2007 Machine learning : Classification
Roberto Innocente machine_learn.pdf
12-Mar-2008 Growing decision trees in medicine: diagnostic trees Roberto Innocente tree_simplified-dt-english2.pdf
18-Ott-2008 A new algorithm to support diagnostic proceeding in patients admitted in stroke unit
presented at the XXXIX Congresso Societa' Italiana di Neurologia, Napoli
A.Granato,R.Innocente,F.Chiodo Grandi,M.Naccarato,N.Koscica, A.Gorian,G.Pizzolato napoliposter3.pdf
09-Jun-2009 Classification by decision tree induction over a medical database R.Innocente classification-by-dt-induction.pdf
21-Nov-2009 A predictive diagnostic algorithm supporting management of patients in stroke unit
presented at the XL Congresso Societa' Italiana di Neurologia, Padova
A.Granato,R.Innocente,F.Chiodo Grandi,N.Koscica,M.Naccarato,S.Pomiato, A.Gorian, G.Pizzolato .pdf
10-May-2014 Reconfigurable computing
internal seminar
R.Innocente reconfig-computing-16-9-tris.pdf
12-May-2015 Radius Dhcp setup with snooping enabled
internal seminar
R.Innocente radius-dhcp-reduced3.pdf
19-Oct-2015 1pp IPv6 Course / Tutorial
course lecture slides
R.Innocente 6pp IPv6 course/tutorial - handouts 6up
23-Jan-2016 Matematica al calcolatore : maxima, octave, R (in italian)
presentation for high school students
R.Innocente Matematica al calcolatore: Maxima, Octave, R (in italian)
23-Jan-2016 Come fa il computer a calcolare le derivate ? (in italian)
presentation for high school students
R.Innocente Come fa il computer a calcolare le derivate ? (in italian)
06-Mar-2016 Open networking with FPGAs
R.Innocente Open networking with FPGAs
08-Jun-2016 Refreshing computer skills : some tools( markdown, mathjax), new ideas (containers, docker, microservices), new products ( ubuntu bash and Hyper-V on Windows 10, containers and docker on WindowsServer2016
R.Innocente Refreshing computer skills : some tools, new ideas, new products, containers and docker on WindowsServer2016