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Alessandro Galvani's personal page

Hi, I'm a PhD student in Statistical Physics at SISSA, Trieste. I'm working on a new way to study critical phenomena in bounded systems. In a few words, we imagine these models as living on a curved space, by introducing an appropriate metric which stretches some bits and shrinks others. This way, we can compute correlation functions. I then perform Monte Carlo simulations to compare our predictions with numerical results.

These are my papers

  1. Magnetization profiles at the upper critical dimension as solutions of the integer Yamabe problem
    Galvani, A., Gori, G., & Trombettoni, A.
    arXiv:2103.12449, published in Physical Review E
  2. Critical 1- and 2-point spin correlations for the O(2) model in 3d bounded domains
    Galvani, A., Gori, G., & Trombettoni, A.
    arXiv:2108.03488, published in Journal of High Energy Physics
  3. High-precision anomalous dimension of 3d percolation from giant cluster slicing
    Galvani, A., Gori, G., & Trombettoni, A.

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