Alessandro Treves

Viareggio (Lucca), July 6, 1960; married to Giordana Tagliacozzo; father to Nethanel, Ariela and Shulamit; permanent home in Florence.

Professor of "the Neural Basis of Cognition". CV by clicking on the picture >        

Does cognition have a neural basis? and what is cognition, anyway?
Such questions occur to me, occasionally, often at dawn after a sleepless night.
During the day I have the informal role of assistant to the administrative secretary of the Cognitive Neuroscience PhD, having been at SISSA a long time, since November, 1992.
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Lecturing on information processing advances from the reptilian to the mammalian cortex at the School of Cognitive Science, IPM, Tehran, thereby violating the US trade embargo on the export of advanced information technology to Iran.

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