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How to avoid starvation at EBBS 2007

In the morning, rather than having breakfast at your hotel, you may want to arrive early to Miramar, and use the bar on the first floor of SISSA (just above Aula Magna) or the one in the Main Building of ICTP (two floors above its Main Lecture Hall). They are likely closed on Sunday morning, though. Breakfast in Italy tends to be a less fulfilling affair than in Northern Europe, unfortunately.

Coffee breaks

These are free, in the half hour between the morning symposia and the plenary lectures, and will be arranged both at SISSA and at ICTP, to avoid overcrowding. You could use part of the time for a first look at the posters (at ICTP) or a walk outside. The coffee itself has been kindly offered by Illy. 


If you want to have a sizable lunch at the ICTP cafeterias (in the Main Building, or the one down at Adriatico, by the sea), you can buy food coupons from the secretariat. They are worth a certain combination of courses designed to fill the midday emptyness of the root-mean-square ICTP scientist, and cost 6.70 Euro (20.00 Euro for a set of 3, with a 10 cent discount - to your health). You can purchase additional courses in cash, or pay for your entire meal in cash, a wise choice if you eat little. The coupons entail a small discount relative to paying in cash, but their main logic is to avoid long queues at the cashier. Note that ICTP cafeterias are run by private entrepreneurs who agree to always offer a vegetarian selection, and to clearly state the content of each plate. Alternative to the cafeterias, you can grab a quick lunch at the bars, or bring your own doggy bag and eat it in the park. There are also restaurants and a pizzeria in Grignano harbour near the Adriatico guesthouse, maybe more favoured for the evening meal.

Evening (supper? dinner?)

If you have developed a strong affection to the Miramar Campus, you may elect to eat again at the ICTP cafeterias (you may use the same food coupons). Alternatively, check out Erika's suggestions, below, for restaurants and pizzerias and other eating venues in town and along the coast. On Monday and/or Tuesday, Erika and other student volunteers will guide anybody interested in trying a walk to an osmizza up on the Carso, a truly local experience. Trieste cousine is known for its seafood (unfortunately not so inexpensive, nowadays, in the best restaurants) and "animal", i.e. pork, products, available also in the "buffets" (sandwich bars) downtown, or in the osmizzas on the plateau. Malvasia (white) and Terrano (red) are local wines, which sometimes stimulate heated debates as to their merits.

Erika's suggestions


Da Libero Antica Hostaria  | via Risorta 7 ($)(!)  (Tel 040.301113)

Ostaria da Scarpon  | via della Ginnastica 20 (!) (Fish restaurant)  (Tel 040.36 7674)

Can e Gatto  | via Androna di Romagna 1  (Tel 3474705455)

El Fornel  | via dei Fornelli 1 (#)  [Fish restaurant] (Tel 040.3220262)

Mignon  | via Junker 12  (Grignano) ($)(&)  (Tel 040.224611)

Mille e una notte (Arabic restaurant)  | viale XX Settembre


Pepi  | via Cassa di Risparmio 3   (Tel 040.366858)

Buffet | via Valdirivo 20  (Tel 040.364554)

Bire  | via Riva Grumula 2/c

Osteria da Marino  | via del Ponte 5  (Tel 040.366596)

Foraperfora  | via Cadora 10

Al Collio Osteria  | vai R.Timeus 8/b  (Tel 040.349005)

Kapuziner Keller Cucina Bavares | Via Pozzo del Mare 1  (Tel 040.307997)


Piedigrotta  | viale XX Settembre 41   (Tel 040.661300)

Copacabana  | via del Teatro Romano 24   (Tel 040.370084)

Capri  | via Stock 7  (Tel 040.414719)

da Nonna Rosa  | via R. Timeus 10   (Tel 040.360239)

La Napa | via Caccia 3  (Tel 040768893)

La Lanternina | via Campo S. Giacomo 23  (Tel 040.774027)

Delfino  | Via Aurelio e Fabio Nordio 12  (Tel 040.370827)


Knulp  | via Madonna del Mare 7 (Tel 040.300021)

Bar Stella  | Largo Pitteri 4 

Circus  | via San Lazzaro 9    (Tel 040.633499)

Ruhmeria  | viale XX Settembre

La Voce della Luna  | viale Miramare 72 (Barcola)  (&) (Tel 040.422284)

Naima | via Rossetti 6 (Tel 040.662686)


Legend  | viale Miramare 15 (Tel 040.44538)


Pinguino  | molo Pescheria 1   (Tel 040.306969)


Caffe' San Marco  | via Cesare Battisti 18 (Tel 040.363538)

Caffe' Tommaseo  | via Riva Tre Novembre  (Tel 040.362666)

Caffe' Pasticceria Pirona | Largo Barriera Vecchia 12

LEGEND  (not the  pub)

(&) good view!!      ($) expensive        (#) inexpensive    (!) very good

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