Liminar Investigations of Memory and Brain Organization

TRIPS, also without Ayahuasca

Transitions in Retrieval-Induced Productive Sequences is a PRIN-funded collaboration with Elisa Ciaramelli, from the University of Bologna, to explore the mechanics of mind wandering, in its cognitive and neuronal dynamics. Concocted under confinement. Trips

M-GATE training network running

M-GATE Memory research: Ground-breaking, Applied, and Technological Exchange is an ITN funded by the EU and coordinated by Francesco P Battaglia which is not waiting for stone gates to open, to research memory at Radboud-Nijmegen, Univ Coll London, INSERM & AMU Marseille, NTNU-Trondheim, the Weizmann, SISSA and Janssen Pharma. Further info on the website.

Talking Potts, the new Human Frontier


From October, 2016, we have been latching on with analyses of cortical dynamics and language processes, after those by Eleonora, Sahar, Ritwik and Sand, in a HFSP collaboration with linguist Naama Friedmann (TAU) and physicist Remi Monasson (ENS), which also focuses on understanding the phoneme manifold(s), with insights from grid-like neural  representations.

Thanks to Yuqiao's expertise, the first glimpse has been obtained of Yair's mind.

GRIDMAP project sailed homehyperbolic grid

Eugenio Urdapilleta has splashed heptagonal grids on the pseudosphere, while Federico has suspended dodecagonal ones in mid-air. Download the preprints below.

Their research has been part of a collaboration coordinated by Edvard Moser in Trondheim, including also Richard Morris in Edinburgh and Jorg Conradt in Munich and funded by the EU.

Recent papers

Have a look at our two fresh reviews, before Open Access expires (on Jan 9, 16, '22):
Aline Viol, Alessandro Treves, and Elisa Ciaramelli. Navigating through the Ebbs and Flows of Language. Curr Opin Neurobiol 70:130, 2021.

Judit Fiedler, Elvira De Leonibus, and Alessandro Treves. Has the Hippocampus really Forgotten about Space? Curr Opin Neuroiol 71:164, 2021.

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Federico Stella and Alessandro Treves. Hyper-alignment: Great mice think alike. Current Biology (Dispatch) 31:1138, 2021.

Sara Andreetta, Oleksandra Soldatkina, Vezha Boboeva, and Alessandro Treves. In poetry, if meter has to help memory, it takes its time. Open Research Europe, 1:59, 2021.

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Professional or Amateur? The Phonological Output Buffer as a Working Memory Operator. Entropy, 22: 662, 2020.

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Tanja Wernle, Torgeir Waaga, Maria Mørreaunet, Alessandro Treves, May-Britt Moser, and Edvard I Moser. Integration of grid maps in merged environments. Nature Neuroscience, 21:92-101, 2018. (freely available preprint)

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Federico Stella, Bailu Si, Emilio Kropff, and Alessandro Treves. Grid maps for spaceflight, anyone? They are
for free! Behav Brain Sci 36:566-567, 2013 commentary to lead article by Jeffery et al.: Navigating in a three-dimensional world.

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PLoS Comput Biol:e1000759, 2010.

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