How we build, perceive, experience, and share spaces
Proximal space in particular
Mind the gap aims to seize the opportunity offered by the decline in the pandemics to engage in informal interactions in person, and for that we would like to spend as much as possible of those 2 1/2 days sharing the same space.

We are able to cover accommodation for a few participants coming from outside Trieste, who have been booked at Hotel Roma, near the train station, Piazza Oberdan and the Canal.

All other participants are welcome to arrange their own accommodation, ideally in close proximity. Trieste is small, however, and the only real consideration is to be close to bus 38, which runs from Piazza Oberdan through via Udine and via Bonomea, to SISSA, every 20'.

We are going to have lunch in the SISSA in the SISSA cafeteria, and self-organize dinner somewhere in town or on the Carso.
Joyce in Trieste