Ararat in the clouds

  Looking Back at Mount Ararat:

  Diversity and cross-Fertilization among Approaches to Memory

  April 5-10, 2010
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Ship of Fools
The meeting has been open and free and remarkably successful, from the point of view of all those who attended it, as reflected in the assessment produced by students and faculty to our funders. Equally important as the scientific level of the lectures and presentations was the warm anarchic atmosphere and the friendship that developed among all participants, and first between Armenian and Turkish students.

Our gratitude goes to Tigran Sadoyan, Gayane Aghakhanyan, Artak Khachatryan and all local organizers for their great work, EBBS Logoand to the VolkswagenStiftung, the FENS-IBRO European Neuroscience Schools Programme and the European Brain and Behaviour Society who have supported the event financially.

Those wishing to retrieve memories through pattern completion, as explained by our Hugo Spiers, may be cued by the images on the CD-rom that was distributed to all participants, on the Facebook and FENS Alumni groups to be established. Ideas for future meetings are welcome: e-mail your suggestions!

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Onur Güntürkün (Bochum)
Avetis Sadoyan (Yerevan)
Alessandro Treves (SISSA)

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