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  Looking Back at Mount Ararat:

  Diversity and cross-Fertilization among Approaches to Memory

  April 5-7, 2010
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Onur Güntürkün (Bochum, Director, the EBBS Logo smalllecture)

Francesco P Battaglia (Amsterdam)

Rosie Cowell (San Diego)

Asaf Gilboa (Haifa)

Roozbeh Kiani (Stanford)

Mate Lengyel (Cambridge)

Hugo J Spiers (UCL)

Krzysztof Turlejski (Warsaw, the EBBS Logo small CARE lecture)

The 3-day mini-school component has featured lectures on
  • Classical analyses of human memory processes
  • Imaging the spatial and temporal localization of memory networks
  • From memory fractionation to mental simulation in non-human primates
  • Hippocampal memory representations in rodents
  • Universals in memory? Insights from the avian brain
  • Computational perspectives on complementary memory systems
  • Mechanistic models of memory operations at the network level
These lectures were not aimed at teaching these methodologies in detail, but rather at presenting the concepts utilized and arising from each approach, focusing particularly on those at the borders and at the intersections between approaches, e.g. those dealing with reactivation, rhythms, complementarity, dynamics.

We had received 95 applications, and had to make a difficult selection among many equivalently excellent applicants. The list of those selected can be downloaded here.

Thanks to additional generous support from the European Brain and Behaviour Society (besides that from the VolkswagenStiftung and from the FENS-IBRO Programme) we have been able to contribute substantially to the travel expenses of all students who could not otherwise attend.

convened by
Onur Güntürkün (Bochum)
Avetis Sadoyan (Yerevan)
Alessandro Treves (SISSA)

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