Ararat in the clouds

  Looking Back at Mount Ararat:

  Diversity and cross-Fertilization among Approaches to Memory

  April 8-10, 2010
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Bella Harutiunian-Kozak (Yerevan, Chair)

György Buzsáki (Newark, USA)

Tamer Demiralp (Istanbul, Turkey)

Yadin Dudai (Rehovot, Israel)

Hakan Gürvit (Istanbul, Turkey)

Susan J Sara (Paris, France)

Krzysztof Turlejski (Warsaw, Poland)

Faraneh Vargha Khadem (London, UK)

In the 3-day workshop, some 30 research talks have emphasized theory, not in the sense of mathematical models but in that the notions characteristic of each approach have been brought to bear on the other approaches, while methodological issues were only discussed where they critically affect theoretical understanding.

The workshop programme is now final, since the meeting is over.

In addition, the students admitted to the mini-school have presented their research with posters that were precariously displayed on glass walls throughout the duration of the workshop, with dedicated poster sessions at the 3-hour lunch breaks of Thursday 8 and Saturday 10. Please refer to the student list for the poster number. Some posters and talks were contributed to the meeting CD-rom.

Ararat T-shirts were brought to Yerevan by Valentina and Pasha. For those who have missed the meeting, there is no reprise.

Thanks to the generous support by the Volkswagen Foundation, all local expenses have been covered not just for the students selected to attend the mini-school (also supported by FENS-IBRO and by EBBS), but for all other workshop participants as well. We had however to pay for our travel, or to have it funded by other sources.

The programme was only finalized after the event, and you can download it to appreciate the diversity of participants.

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Onur Güntürkün (Bochum)
Avetis Sadoyan (Yerevan)
Alessandro Treves (SISSA)

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