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Here are 3 face memory tests, that allow you to follow your performance on-line, along with that of a small simulated neural network simulated by your browser. The tests are an appendix to the Grand Question on the Grey Matter, that is a part of the Italian popular science Archimedes website. The basic ideas are those explained in the booklet Come Funziona la Memoria, published in 1999 by Bruno Mondadori, or in the book Neural Networks and Brain Function, by ET Rolls and A Treves, published in 1998 by Oxford University Press.

Please insert your data and enter. You should be patient awhile; in the meantime please observe a face to be forgotten, that of EUGenIO himself:

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Toy game implemented with the help of Massimo Armellini, Fabio Asnicar, Artur Luczak and Anna Montagnini, and recently Satyam Shaw, from a C program by Alessandro Treves, with images derived from those of the CD "Identikit".

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