Alessandra Magistrato

Computational Biology & Biochemistry


Research Interests


My research interests concern the use of state of the art computational techniques for the study of biological and biochemical systems involved in the onset of human diseases.

In particular I study drug and protein interactions with nucleic acids (DNA, RNA), DNA repair processes, (metal based) enzymatic catalysis, transport mechanism via ionic channels, role of metals in neurodegenerative diseases.   


PhD in computational Inorganic Chemistry at ETH Zurich (Prof. U. Rothlisberger) (April 2001)

Degree cum Laude in Chemistry at University of Perugia (November 1997)

Working Experience

Since 2006 Permanent Research Staff at CNR-IOM-DEMOCRITOS National Simulation Center

2003-2006 Tenure Track at the CNR-INFM-DEMOCRITOS National Simulation Center

2001-2003 PostDoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA USA. (Prof. M.L. Klein)

Scientific Records

Author of 51 scientific pubblications in international journals

Author of over 20 invited talks at international conferences and institutions

Referee of International Journals such as J Chem Theor Coput, J. Am. Chem. Soc, Proteins, J. Phys. Chem. B, Chem. Eur. J, ChemPhysChem, Structure, ACS Catalysis, Organometallics

Referee of 3 International funding agency

Coordinator of Modeling of Biological Systems research line of CNR-IOM@SISSA

Faculty member of the PhD in Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems of SISSA