Geometry, Integrability, Quantization

Workshop dedicated to Vladimir Rubtsov on the occasion of his 60th birthday

SISSA, Trieste - July 9-12, 2012





Scientific committee

U. Bruzzo (Trieste),

B. Enriquez (Strasbourg),

Y. Kosmann-Schwarzbach (Paris),

J. Krasil'shchik (Moscow),

V. Lychagin (Tromsø),

A. Morozov (Moscow)

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All talks are in Room 005


A. Alekseev, The Horn problem and planar networks

P. Antunes, Hypersymplectic structures on Courant algebroids

C. Bartocci, Monadic description of framed sheaves on Hirzebruch surfaces

M. Bertola, The Cauchy matrix model and the Meijer-G random point field

M. Cafasso, Fredholm determinants, Riemann-Hilbert problems and noncommutative Painlevé equations

G. Falqui, Manin matrices and applications to integrable systems

E. Ferapontov, Quadratic line complexes, conformal structures in $\mathbb P^3$ and linearly degenerate PDEs

D. Gurevich, A new approach in Noncommutative Geometry

F. Hélein , Covariant functionals on the covariant phase space

O. Lisovyy, Algebraic solutions of Painleve VI

G. Ortenzi, Flutter of a vortex filament and gradient catastrophe

I. Reider, Correspondences, nonabelian Jacobian and geometric Langlands program for complex projective surfaces

V. Retakh, Noncommutative integrable systems and quasideterminants

C. Roger, Matrix-valued Miura transform

P. Rossi, Symplectic geometry from symplectic topology

I. Roulstone, A geometric description of Navier-Stokes flows

F. Sala, Sheaves and instantons on ALE spaces

P. Tortella, Nijenhuis structures and $\Lambda$-connections

U. Bruzzo, B. Enriquez, Y. Kosmann-Schwarzbach, J. Krasil'shchik, V. Lychagin will talk about their collaborations with Vladimir Rubtsov

Other participants: N. Amburg, G. Aminov, S. Artamonov, L. Dabrowski, V. Dolotin, P. Dunin-Barkovsky, D. Galakhov, T. Grava, G. Helminck, H. Kanno, N. Konovenko, E. Krylov, G. Landi, G. Marelli, A. Marshakov, K. Maruyoshi, A. Mironov, S. Mironov, Al. Morozov, And. Morozov, Ant. Morozov, M. Pedroni, O. Ptitisyna, V. Poberezhny, I. Polyubin, F. Popov, P. Pushkar, C. Rava, B. Runov, V. Shadura, A. Sleptsov, A. Stern, E. Suslova, A. Tanzini, D. Vasiliev, F. Yagi

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