WAGP 2010

June 7th to 11th, 2010, Saint Jean de Monts, France

Workshop on Algebraic Geometry and Physics

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Deformation, quantization and algebraic index theorems







Advisory board:

Ron Donagi (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
Kefeng Liu (UCLA)
Yuri Manin (Northwestern)
Tony Pantev (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
Claude Viallet (LPTHE Paris)
Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard)

Scientific committee:

Ugo Bruzzo (SISSA Trieste)
Nicola Ciccoli (Perugia)
Igor Mencattini (SISSA Trieste)
Vladimir Rubtsov (Angers)
 Christoph Sorger (Nantes)

Organizing committee:

Ugo Bruzzo (SISSA Trieste)
Beatriz Graña Otero (Salamanca)
Igor Mencattini (SISSA Trieste)
Vladimir Rubtsov (Angers)

Organizing institutions:

MATPYL (Mathématiques en Pays de la Loire)
LAREMA (Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Mathématiques)
Mathematical Physics and Geometry Group of SISSA (Trieste)

WAGP2010 is the 15th event of a series of Schools and Workshops that have been organized by the Mathematical Physics and Geometry group of the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste in conjunction with leading institutions around the world. Past events have taken place in Trieste, Salamanca and Medina del Campo (Spain), Luminy (France), Como (Italy), Philadelphia (USA), Vienna (Austria), Tianjin (China), Seoul (Korea), Hangzhou (China), Maresias (Brazil). You may have a look at the past events at the following link:


Deformation quantization, i.e., the study of the deformation of classical structures, such as Poisson manifolds, to noncommutative spaces, has been, together with its many applications, one of the central characters in the deep and fruitful interplay between geometry and physics that has taken place in the last 20 years. With its connections with, and applications to, noncommutative geometry, integrable systems, quantum field theory and strings, it represents a crossing point of many fundamental areas of research in present-day mathematics and theoretical physics. In the tradition of this series of events, this year's workshop aims at discussing the state of the art in this field, with a special emphasis on the mutual interactions between the physics and the mathematics communities.



Minicourses: Damien Calaque, Andrea D'Agnolo

Talks: Anton Alekseev, Paul Bressler, Henrique Bursztyn, Giuseppe Dito, Benjamin Enriquez, Boris Fedosov, Frank Ferrari, Yaël Frégier, Dimitri Gurevich, Gilles Halbout, Takashi Kimura, Giovanni Landi, Christoph Nölle, Misha Pevzner, Hessel Posthuma, Vladimir Salnikov, Pierre Schapira, Martin Schlichenmaier, Artur Sergyeyev, Mathieu Stiénon, Thomas Ströbl, Junwu Tu, Sergiu Vacaru, Dmitri Vassilevich, Friedrich Wagemann, Ping Xu, Boris Zhilinskii

How to arrive: Saint Jean de Monts is most conveniently reached by a SNCF bus from the Nantes railway station. Here you may find the bus schedule

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