6th International Meeting of

Young Researchers on the Mechanics of Materials and Structures

Trieste, 22-24 October 2014


The aim of this workshop series, now at its sixth edition, is to offer to young researchers an opportunity to present the main ideas of their PhD theses, and a forum to discuss recent scientific developments in the most active areas in the mechanics of materials and structures.

The workshop will comprise a mini-course on Cell Mechanics given by prof. R. McMeeking (University of California at Santa Barbara) and five in-depth presentations of recent PhD theses.

Previous editions of this workshop took place in Salerno (2008, 2010, 2013) and Trieste (2009, 2011). Past mini-courses lecturers were professors J. Jenkins (Cornell), S. Pellegrino (Caltech), J. Humphrey (Yale), J.J. Marigo (Ecole Polytechnique), and S. Huerta (Madrid).

Following the tradition of this workshop series, ample time will be devoted to discussion and critical examination of research results, in order to advance the state of current scientific knowledge thorough an informal exchange of ideas.


Aims and goals