The Q-Team


Around fifty years ago it was understood that quantum effects can generate new phenomenologies in many-body systems, for which the usual concepts borrowed from classical physics do not apply. Decades of research have unveiled new possibilities, with repercussions from fundamental science to workable technologies. Several groups around the world trail the way in this ongoing investigation. Today, a new one has joined this effort and has no fear of going where nobody has gone before, toward the quantum leap. If you have a problem... if classical physics cannot help... and if you can find them (psst, we are in Zagreb)... maybe you can contact... The Q-Team.


The team






Fabio Franchini


Salvatore Marco Giampaolo

Vinko Zlatić

Ivan Balog


Domagoj Kuić

Gianpaolo Torre

Jovan Odavić

Position to open soon


PhD Students

Vanja Marić

Position to open soon


Position to open soon


Undergraduate Students



Karlo Delić



Active Projects (with updated publication list):

      Novel Characterizations of Classical and Quantum Many-Body Systems

P.I.: Fabio Franchini

Funds: HrZZ (IP-2016-06-3347, DOK-2018-01-7464)

      Frustrated Complex Systems

P.I.: Salvatore Marco Giampaolo

Funds: HrZZ (IP-2019-04-3321)


Active Lines of Research:

      Effects of geometrical frustration in quantum many-body systems;

      Effects of entanglement in particle physics;

      Lack of ergodicity as a spontaneous symmetry breaking phenomenon;

      Localization in quasi-periodic systems;

      Quantum Thermodynamics;

      Random Matrix Theory;

      Strongly correlated 1D systems.