Luigi Giacomazzi

AREA Science park FVG, SISSA and UNG

Present address: SISSA, via Bonomea 265, I-34136 Trieste.
Previous address: University of Nova Gorica, Materials research laboratory, Vipavska 11c, SI-5270 Ajdovščina

Short bio
Dr Giacomazzi obtained the degree of "Docteur Es Sciences" (PhD) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) in 2007, with a thesis dedicated to the first principle modeling of the vibrational spectra of tetrahedrally-bonded glasses: SiO2 , GeO2 , and GeSe2. He then moved to ICTP (Trieste, Italy) where he carried out research on both high pressure physics and glass physics. During this period his investigations ranged from the high pressure phases of gypsum, to the dislocations in coesite and to the investigation of a technologically important material such as amorphous silicon nitride. After moving to SISSA (Trieste, Italy), his interests concerned the applications of Many Body Perturbation Theory for calculating the electronic properties of glasses and also of large molecules. In the last years, as IOM-Democritos PostDoc (Assegno di Ricerca), he has carried out research on the origin of paramagnetic centers in pure and doped silica. Such a research has led in the last years to the successful modelling of two paramagnetic centers in silica i.e the E'α (link) and the Ge(2) (link) centers. Within the recently obtained Talents3 fellowship (outgoing phase started in April 2017 at UNG materials research laboratory ) next investigations will be dedicated to defects in rare-earth and rare-earth co-doped silica based optical fibers. Dr Giacomazzi is author of about thirty publications of which fifteen as first author. on international peer-reviewed journals.