Curriculum Vitae - Giuseppe Puglisi

Last update on October 11, 2016

via Bonomea, 265
Trieste, 34133 Italy
P: (+39) 040 3787 481

My Research Interests

Observational cosmology. Data-analysis for Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) polarization experiments, map-making procedures, component separation algorithms to forecast B-modes. Estimation o f cosmological parameters from observational data.

Modelling Galactic Emission at the microwave and sub-millimetric frequencies. Modelling the polarized emission coming from synchrotron, thermal dust, molecular line processes contaminating th e CMB signal.

Academic Appointments

Master in High Performance Computing (SISSA - ICTP )

Advisors: Dr. Luca  Heltai (SISSA), Prof. Carlo Baccigalupi (SISSA), Dr. Giulio Fabbian (SISSA)

Focus: A high-performance preconditioned conjugate gradient to the Map-Making pipeline for CMB ground exp eriments

Defense: expected December 2016

PhD Degree in Astrophysics

Advisors: Prof. Carlo Baccigalupi (SISSA), Dr. Giulio Fabbian (SISSA), Dr. Radek Stompor (APC - Paris )

Focus: Data Analysis for sub-orbital and ground based CMB polarization experiment

Defense: expected September 2017

Research Experiences

Dean “Key to Europe Erasmus Traineeship Training Students”

Period: June 2016-September 2016

Institutions: AstroParticule et Cosmology (APC), Paris

Research field: Data-analysis for ground based CMB experiments

Focus: Noise Covariance matrix (Cijb) estimation for Polarbear full season of data 2012-2014. Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient solver for t he Polarbear Large Patch map-making analysis

Supervisor: Dr. Radek Stompor

Co-advisor of Master Thesis

Li Yang and Li Siyu (Beijing University), in collaboration with prof. Jun-Qing Xia (Beijing University-IH EP) and prof. Carlo  Baccigalupi (SISSA)

Period: September-October 2015

Focus: Atmospheric forecasts for the Ali Station (Tibet) proposal to observe CMB polarization B-modes.

Alberto Annoni (Univ. Milan), in collaboration with prof. Carlo  Baccigalupi, Dr. Giulio Fabbian (SISSA), prof. Aniello Mennella and Dr. Nicoletta Krachmalnicoff (Univ. Milan)

Period: July 2015 - April 2016

Focus: Cross-Correlation of Thermal Dust and Synchrotron polarization maps.

Dean of Postgraduate

Period: July 2013-November 2013

Institutions: International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA),Tr ieste

Research field: Forecast of polarized Galactic emission for sub-orbital CMB experiments (EBEX, LSPE, Pola rBear) and parametric component separation.

Supervisor: Prof. Carlo Baccigalupi

Master’s Degree in Physics - Thesis

Period: July 2012 - April 2013

Institutions: Dipartimento di Fisica, Universitá degli Studi di Milano,Istituto di Ast rofisica Spaziale e Fisica Cosmica - Bologna

Title: Component Separation for Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Experiments

Advisors: Prof. Davide Maino, Prof. Marco Bersanelli, Dr. Sara Ricciardi

Area of study: Polarization of Cosmic Microwave Background, polarized foreground (synchrotron, thermal du st) emission, ICA and CCA Component Separation Methods

Defense: 16th April 2013

Bachelor’s Degree in Physics - Thesis

Period: July 2010 - November 2010

Institutions: Universitá degli Studi di Catania, Dipartimento di Fisica e di Astronomia

Title: Cosmological Implications from weak Supernovae Ia

Advisor: Prof. Lucio Paternó

Co-advisor: Dr. Cosimo Inserra

Area of Study: Observative cosmology, Cepheid calibration

Defense: 18th November 2010


``Laurea Magistrale" in Physics, curriculum of Astrophysics,
Universitá degli Studi di Milano
Master’s Degree in Physics, 110/110
18th October 2010 - 16th April 2013

``Laurea Triennale" in Physics, curriculum of General Physics,
Universitá degli studi di Catania
Bachelor’s Degree in Physics, 110/110 cum laude
10th October 2007 - 18th November 2010

``Diploma di Laurea Musicale",Musical Studies Degree for Clarinet, 2003 - 2010
Final Score: 8/10, 1st July 2010
Istituto Musicale ``V. Bellini" di Catania

Secondary School Diploma, 100/100, 2002-2007
Liceo Scientifico Statale ` `E. Boggio Lera"

Refereed Journal Publications

Suzuki, A., Ade, P., Akiba, Y., Aleman, C., Arnold, K., Baccigalupi, C.,…Zahn, O. (2016). The Polarbear-2 and the Simons Array Experiments. Journal of Low Temperature Physics. doi: 10.1007/s10909-015-1425-4

POLARBEAR Collaboration (2015). POLARBEAR constraints on cosmic birefringence and primordial magnetic fie lds. Physical Review D, 92(12), 123509. doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.92.123509.

Errard, J., Polarbear Collaboration (2015). Modelling atmospheric emission for CMB ground-based observati ons. The Astrophysical Journal, 809(1), 63.

Submitted Journal Publications

Poletti, D., Fabbian, G., Jeune, M. Le, Peloton, J., Arnold, K., Baccigalupi, C., …Whitehorn, N. (2016). Making maps of Cosmic Microwave Background polarization for B-mode studies: the POLARBEAR example. Astro-ph/1608.01624

Aubin, F., Aboobaker, A. M., Ade, P., Araujo, D., Baccigalupi, C., Bao, C.,…Zilic, K. (2016). Temperature calibration of the E and B experiment. Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics; Cosmology and Extragal actic Astrophysics. Astro-ph/1601.0792

Conference Publications

Didier, J., and others. (2014). EBEX, the E and B Experiment. In Proceedings, 49th Rencontres de Mor iond on Cosmology (pp. 41-44)

Conferences and PhD Schools

New challenges in Cosmic Microwave Background studies
30 March 2016, Italian CMB-day worksh op, Italian Space Agency (ASI) Rome

Workshop on High Performance Computing,
24-26 February 2016, SISSA - Trieste

First ICTP Advanced School on Cosmology,
18-29 May 2015, ICTP - Trieste

PhD School of Astrophysics Francesco Lucchin,
15-20 September 2013, Gaeta - Italy

New Light in Cosmology from the CMB School & Workshop
22th July - 2nd August 2013, ICTP - Trieste

Academic experiences

Laurea Magistrale

Major: Astrophysics

Institution: Universitá degli Studi di Milano

Period: 18th October 2010 - 16th April 2013

Final GPA: 28.85/30 with 2 special mentions

Final Score: 110/110

Laurea Triennale

Major: General Physics

Period: October 2007 - November 2010

Institution: Universitá degli Studi di Catania

Final GPA: 28.8/30 with 4 special mentions

Final Score: 110/100 cum laude


Italian Native

English Fluent

French Good

Computer Skills and competences

Programming Languages: C, C +  + , Fortran, Mathematica, Pytho n, parallel computing (OpenMP,OpenMPI, etc...), Mathematica, IDL, Bash scripting, UNIX shell scripting

Developer of COSMOMAP2 and MCMOLE3D packages soon to be released to the scientific community. The former provides a too lkit to solve iteratively the map-making problem for ground based CMB polarization experiments. The latter c ode simulates the distribution of molecular clouds emitting CO lines to forecasts the contamination into the CMB observations.

Operating systems: Linux, Macintosh, Wind ows

Productivity applications: Installation of Scientific libraries, TeX (LaTeX, ), Emacs, m ost common productivity packages (for Windows and Linux platforms)

Educational Outreach

May,27th 2016: SISSA In Festa I led the activity for children: “The Lemon-Potato battery”

2014-2016: SISSA For School outreach organization, monthly I participate as an outreach speaker to the vi siting schools.

November,9th-13th 2015: JCOM Masterclasses training cou rse, ``Communicating your own research to many audiences".

11th of February 2016: ``Il piu’ grande spettacolo dopo il Big Bang" (The biggest show after Big Bang) talk to the SISSA for High-School Open-Day.

September, 25th-27th 2015: ``L’Universo ci prende in giro?" (Is the Universe kidding us?) T alk to the Trieste-Next outreach event.

April, 19th 2015, ``Quando la passione per la verita’ conta piu della competizione" Chairman of a pu blic meeting with prof. Carlo Baccigalupi, Dr. Giulio Fabbian (SISSA) and prof. Giovanni Comelli (Univ. of T rieste ) organized by the TriesteIncontra association.

February, 22nd 2015: ``Con gli occhi giusti" ( With the right eyes) talk to the SISSA for S chool Open-Day. Awarded as best speaker of the day.

May, 11th 2014: I have contributed to the presentation of the exhibition ``La storia dell’Universo a colp o d’occhio" (The evolution of the Universe) during the SISSA IN FESTA 2014 event.

2011-2012: Introductory Astronomy lectures to high school classes; Liceo Scientifico Galileo Galilei Catania

2010-now: Member of the Euresis Association for the promot ion of scientific endeavour. I contributed to the preparation of scientific outreach exhibition (`` Is t he atom really invisible? Questions and certainties in science") presented at the Rimini Meeting 2011, a one-week cultural event visited by more 800.000 people ev ery year.

2010-2013: Tutoring session for undergraduate students (Mathematics and Physics) in Camplus Residences

Other Experiences

2014-2016: Student representative of the SISSA phD courses in the council for Research Fundings of Friuli -Venezia-Giulia region

2014-2016: Elected member of the SISSA student council as representative of the Astrophysics Sector

2008-2010: Elected member, as student representative in the Physics Coordination Committee of the Univers ity of Catania (“Consiglio di Coordinamento Didattico”)

2007-2012: Volunteer at the centers for disabled support ODA (CT) and Inst. Sacra Famiglia C esano Boscone (MI).