Marine transport is relevant to the Italian economy, representing about the 2,6% of the GDP with 480.000 working units (taking into account the overall compartment). Being maritime and shipbuilding sectors influential to the economic growth of Italy, sustainable transport, energy efficiency, the quality of products “Made in Italy”, safety, tourism and environmental quality are relevant challenges and assets.
Meeting these challenges means increasing Italian competitiveness in the production of large cargo ships, cruise ships and yachts. This objective can be achieved only via innovation in materials and by increasing the energy efficiency, safety and comfort of vessels. These innovations will enable Italy to enhance its European role as an interface between earth and sea in the Mediterranean.
TRIM is an ambitious work program that tackles some of the most relevant technological challenges posed by the national maritime sector.
The project is basically divided into seven sub‐projects, dealing with

  • weight reduction and vibration levels
  • ship’s efficiency and more efficient propulsion systems (pump‐jet)
  • exhaust emission reduction
  • energy management
  • dual‐fuel engines
  • new design tools
  • smart monitoring for noise reduction

Each sub‐project includes research and experimental activity in an holistic approach shared among research teams and industry partners. SISSA mathLab is involved points 2 and 6.