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Pitton G, Heltai L.  2018.  Accelerating the iterative solution of convection-diffusion problems using singular value decomposition. Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications. e2211
Puglisi G, Poletti D, Fabbian G, Baccigalupi C, Heltai L, Stompor R.  2018.  Iterative map-making with two-level preconditioning for polarized Cosmic Microwave Background data sets. Astronomy & Astrophysics. 618
Pitton G, Heltai L.  2018.  NURBS-SEM: A hybrid spectral element method on NURBS maps for the solution of elliptic PDEs on surfaces. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering. :440–462.
Giuliani N, Heltai L, DeSimone A.  2018.  Predicting and Optimizing Microswimmer Performance from the Hydrodynamics of Its Components: The Relevance of Interactions. Soft Robotics.
Rafiei S., Noroozi B., Heltai L., Haghi A.K..  2018.  An authenticated theoretical modeling of electrified fluid jet in core–shell nanofibers production. Journal of Industrial Textiles. 47
Sartori A, Giuliani N, Bardelloni M, Heltai L.  2018.  deal2lkit: A toolkit library for high performance programming in deal.II. SoftwareX. 7:318–327.
Alzetta G, Arndt D, Bangerth W, Boddu V, Brands B, Davydov D, Gassmöller R, Heister T, Heltai L, Kormann K et al..  2018.  The deal.II Library, Version 9.0. Journal of Numerical Mathematics.
Giuliani N, Mola A, Heltai L.  2018.  π-BEM : A flexible parallel implementation for adaptive , geometry aware , and high order boundary element methods. Advances in Engineering Software. 121:39–58.