End nodes challenges with multigigabit networking

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Table of contents

End nodes challenges with multigigabit networking

Gilder's law

Optical networks

10 GbE /1

10GbE /2


Standard data flow /1

Standard data flow /2

Hardware challenges

Processor / Memory bus

Memory b/w


PCI performance with common chipsets

I/O busses

Network technologies

Software challenges

Software overhead

ULNI / OS-bypass

Standard TCP / OS-bypass ULNI(gm) on i840 chipset

Advanced networking

Zero-copy data flow

Trapeze driver for Myrinet2000 on freeBSD

Fbufs (Druschel 1993)

Gigabit Ethernet TCP

TOE (TCP Off-load Engine)

Network Path Pipelining

Network protocols challenges

AQM (active queue management)

AQM /2

AQM /3

Fair Queuing

Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ)

CSFQ (Core stateless Fair Queuing)

RED /1 (Random Early Detection)

RED /2

RED /3

ECN (Explicit Congestion Notification) /1

ECN /2

MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching)

Congestion control in TCP/1

Congestion control in TCP/2

AIMD / AIPD Congestion control

TCP stacks

TCP Reno

LFN Optimal Bandwidth and TCP Reno

TCP Vegas

Restart of Idle connections

TCP buffer tuning and parallel streaming

TCP friendly streams


Author: Roberto Innocente

Compressed postscript


Author: Roberto Innocente