Myrinet2000 PC-clusters Performance

Roberto Innocente

Carlo Carloni Calame

Olumide Sunday Adewale

April 15, 2002


In this short write-up we report on the performance of some PC-clusters with Myrinet2000 (also known as Myrinet 3) network cards.

Table of Contents

GM software
Testing tools
Performance charts


This report gives a comparative analysis of some results obtained on three different clusters. The first cluster is made of Pentium III@550Mhz nodes and Myrinet 2 cards, the second has Pentium III@933Mhz nodes with Myrinet 2000 cards, while the third cluster, that we are benchmarking, is made of Pentium 4@1.7Ghz nodes with Myrinet2000 boards and switch.

The GM software we used was customised in order to exploit the performance of the Intel 860 chipset as this was left out in the GM software.