HPC on Linux Current Limitations and Futures

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HPC on Linux Current Limitations and Futures


Typical Node Architecture

Network (Physical Layer)


PCI efficiency

PCI 2.2/X timing diagram

Processor bus

Intel IA32 node

Intel PIII processor bus

Alpha node

Alpha EV6 bus

Pentium 4 (Willamette)

Processor/Memory performance

Memory buses

NIC Interconnection point(from D.Culler)


Software overhead

Zero Copy Research

OS bypass / User level networking

Active Messages (AM)

FastMessages (FM)

Virtual Interface Arch. (VIA)

LogP metrics (Culler)

LogP diagram

Software layering

Network layering considered harmful ?

Linux Socket buffers (sk_buff)

Author: Roberto Innocente

E-mail: rinnocente@eurohpc.org

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Author: Roberto Innocente