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Last updating: 24.10.2003


After more than 20 years of intense activity for the Journal of Geometry and Physics, I feel that the time has come for me to pass on the Executive Editorship.

I would like to thank the readers and the authors, who over this long period have supported the scientific line of the Journal, strongly based on the interaction between geometry and physics. Warm thanks are due to all who have collaborated in the creation and continuation of the Journal: the founding Editors, who started this enterprise with me in 1982; the members of the Editorial Board and the referees, for their enthusiastic and unfailing scientific support: it has been a great honour and pleasure for me to work with them; the members of the Managing Committee, who have always encouraged me and given freedom to my initiatives; the Publishers, for their professionalism and for ensuring an international presence for the Journal.

I am grateful to the Chairman Professor A. Trautman, who has always been a wise supervisor, ready to answer any request for advice with tact and balance. Finally, I would like to thank the Secretary of the Editorial Office, Ms. Paola Liberti, for her dedication and professional efficiency over more than 20 years.

My thankful remembrance goes to Professor A. Lichnerowicz, the first Chairman of the Journal, whose scientific prestige and precious advice was so important for launching the Journal and for its development in its first 13 years.

On behalf of the Editorial Board, I would like to express my warmest wishes to the new Executive Editor, Professor Ugo Bruzzo. I have no doubt that he will be able to maintain the spirit of the Journal and that with him the Journal will have a successful future.

Florence, 1 October 2003

Marco Modugno

I am honoured and very happy to take charge of the office of Executive Editor of the Journal of Geometry and Physics. I thank the Chairman, the Managing Committee and the Editorial Board for their trust in me.

I shall work hard to maintain the standards of the Journal and its position in the world of scientific research, which is evolving more and more rapidly. I am a staunch believer in the importance of the interplay between geometry and physics; these areas of research have interacted more and more intensively and fruitfully in recent times, and there is evidence that this will continue in the future. This will offer new opportunities and challenges to the Journal.

We plan also to take more advantage of modern technology, for instance by developing electronic submission and related procedures. I shall continue to collaborate for some time with the previous Executive Editor, to take advantage of his experience and his knowledge of the history of the Journal. Above all things, I am confident in the collaboration and support of the readers and authors of the Journal.

Trieste, 1 October 2003

Ugo Bruzzo

Transition policy

Effective 1 November 2003, the Editorial Office of the Journal will be located in Trieste. The address is:

Prof. Ugo Bruzzo,
Journal of Geometry and Physics,
International School for Advanced Studies,
Via Beirut 2-4, I-34100 Trieste, Italy

All papers submitted after that date should be sent to the above address. After November 1st, the old Editorial Office in Florence will function to handle all papers submitted till that date, and will terminate its activity when the backlog is exhausted.

Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their papers electronically via the Elsevier submission site

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