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Last updating: 28.10.2003

Submissions methods

1. Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their papers electronically via the Elsevier site for online submission.

2. Alternatively, the authors may submit their papers by sending a pdf file (preferred) or a postscript file to the Editorial Office of JGP via Email at the address

In this case, authors are warmly recommended to include correctly all fonts and figures in the pdf or ps file.

3. In case the authors have no access to online transmission, they can submit their papers by sending a hardcopy to the Editorial Office of JGP via ordinary mail at the address:

Prof. Ugo Bruzzo
Journal of Geometry and Physics
International School for Advanced Studies
Via Beirut 2-4
34100 Trieste, Italy

However authors should notice that any form of submission different from online upload via the Elsevier site will result in a slower handling of their paper.

The JGP Editorial Office may be contacted also via facsmile at the number +39-040-3787528

Technical instructions for authors

Detailed technical instructions for authors can be found on the Elsevier site guide for authors.

Authors are warmly recommended to consult these instructions carefully.

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