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Last updating: 16.07.2004


Referees are one the most important assets of a journal. The Editorial Office of the Journal of Geometry and Physics and Elsevier are most grateful to the journal referees for their qualified and irreplaceable work.

Referees are selected from the Editorial Board and from experts in the mathematics and physics research communities. Papers may be submitted for evaluation to more than one referee. The referees may avail themselves of the help of other scientists, asking them to preserve confidentiality.

Final decision

The Editorial Office decides upon the acceptance of each paper on the basis of the general JGP editorial policy and of the referees' reports, in accordance with the following criteria:

Referee's Reports

The Editorial Office keeps the contacts with the referees by email. When a referee is asked to produce a report, she/he  should reply to the Editorial Office as soon as possible, stating whether she/he accepts to act as a referee. In the case of a negative answer, the suggestion of (an)other referee(s) is warmly appreciated.

Referees are asked to produce a report in free style. The report should address the following issues:
Reports should be written in such a way as to help the final decision and the communication with the authors.  Suggested changes to a paper should be clearly stated. Modified papers are usually resent to the referee for a final evaluation.

The referee is invited to conclude her/ his assessment with one of the following recommendations:

Referees are kindly requested to produce their reports within one month. In case they need more time, or cannot produce their report in a reasonable time, or are at all unable to produce a report, they are warmly invited to contact the Editorial Office immediately. Referee's reports should be transmitted to the Editorial Office is by Email to the address

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