Name: Marco Fabbrichesi
Address: SISSA
via Bonomea 265
34136 Trieste
phone:  (+) 39-40-3787-417
fax: (+) 39-040-3787-249
email: marco.fabbrichesi AT ts.infn.it
office: room 734, Santorio A
Current research interests
          o Electroweak symmetry breaking at the LHC
          o Flavor physics: lepton and quark masses and mixing matrices
          o Kaon physics (e.g.: \Delta I = 1/2 rule, e'/e)
          o CP-violation in supersymmetry
          o Chiral perturbation theory
          o Naturalness and hierarchy
          o Anomalies in effective field theories
          o Physics with large extra dimensions
          o Gravitational physics in string theory
A list of publications from the SLAC archives