Prof. Anna Menini

SISSA - Via Beirut 2
34014 Trieste - Italy
tel. : + 39 - 040 - 22 40 472
fax.: + 39 - 040 - 22 40 470

Current research interests

We are interested in the molecular mechanisms of olfactory transduction. We study the interaction of odorant molecules with receptors, modulation by second messenger, regulation of ion channels, pumps and ion exchanger, and the mechanisms of adaptation to odorant stimuli. The techniques used include: patch-clamp recording of isolated olfactory sensory neurons, flash photolysis of caged compounds, calcium imaging. We are also interested in understanding the interaction between odorant molecules and receptors by using techniques of computational biophysics in collaboration with the SISSA's group on Theoretical Biophysics and Structural Biology .

Selected publications