About Me


When I was in high school I began to cultivate a passion for the guitar. Even today I like to spend evenings with friends to play, sing and share songs. Whether at the beach or in the apartment of someone I consider it an activity that, in addition to strengthening the team spirit, allows to express and share emotions.


To escape from busy cities, when I get the chance I like to go to the mountains to make load of fresh air and immerse myself into the nature. Among the activities I prefer walking, which sometimes even go on for the whole day, with maybe a small break in a Mountain retreat to regain energy and favor of a good local hot meal. However the best thing is definitely the satisfaction of reaching a summit, and enjoy those landscapes that will remain etched forever.


The times that I have the opportunity to return to Venice and the weather allows it, I love moving through the lagoon of Venice with the rowboat. The oars allow you to reach the most pristine parts of the lagoon, and allow you to dive to the maximum in the environment around you without polluting or creating excessive wave action. If we feel tired or if we decide to take a break, we can rest in one of the sandbanks or simply stop and take a bit of sunshine.


Another healthy outdoors activity that I love is cycling. I started from the area of Treviso, where I found very beautiful the ring of Monte Grappa. I also really loved the cycleways area of Tarvisio, which allows you to reach Austria and Slovenia through the largest natural forest in Europe, where it is easy to see hares, deer, and sometimes foxes too.


At home I cultivate a passion for cooking, which I learned to love traveling and trying different cuisines from different places. I prefer to cook with friends, because it is a good excuse for being able to compare and maybe teach or learn new recipes. Curiosity and not retreating from testing new food are the two cornerstones of my passion.