• C. Micheletti, I. Chubak, E. Orlandini and J. Smrek
    Topology-Based Detection and Tracking of Deadlocks Reveal Aging of Active Ring Melts
    ACS Macro Lett. 13 124-129 (2024)
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  • Abstract
    Connecting the viscoelastic behavior of stressed ring melts to the various forms of entanglement that can emerge in such systems is still an open challenge. Here, we consider active ring melts, where stress is generated internally, and introduce a topology-based method to detect and track consequential forms of ring entanglements, namely, deadlocks. We demonstrate that, as stress accumulates, more and more rings are co-opted in a growing web of deadlocks that entrap many other rings by threading, bringing the system to a standstill. The method ought to help the study of topological aging in more general polymer contexts.