• C. Micheletti
    Comparing proteins by their internal dynamics: Exploring structure-function relationships beyond static structural alignments
    Physics of Life Reviews, 2013, 10 , 1-26
    Abstract, Link to online article Review Article followed by 6 commentaries by: P.K. Agarwal, P.C. Biggins, J. Echave, R.Jernigan, A.M. Lesk, M. Orozco

  • Abstract
    The growing interest for comparing protein internal dynamics owes much to the realisation that protein function can be accompanied or assisted by structural fluctuations and conformational changes. Analogously to the case of functional structural elements, those aspects of protein flexibility and dynamics that are functionally oriented should be subject to evolutionary conservation. Accordingly, dynamics-based protein comparisons or alignments could be used to detect protein relationships that are more elusive to sequence and structural alignments. Here we provide an account of the progress that has been made in recent years towards developing and applying general methods for comparing proteins in terms of their internal dynamics and advance the understanding of the structure-function relationship.