About Me

I work in Applied Mathematics, in particular in the mathLab group at SISSA. I am interested in the study and modelling of complex problems. Over the last years I have been focused on the study of Fluid Structure Interaction Problems (FSI) using experimental and numerical strategies.
I obtained my PhD in Mathematical Analysis Modelling and Application at SISSA in 2017, before my PhD I studied engineering at Politecnico di Milano getting a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, specializing in Aerodynamics.
Beside work I like sailing very much. I have attended many courses at CVC learning the love for this sport and the meaning of cooperation. Beside practice I enjoy watching match racing regatta, in particular the America's Cup .

Contact Details

Nicola Giuliani
via Bonomea 265
34136, Trieste, ITALY

Office number 701


PhD in Mathematical Analysis Modelling and Applications

Politecnico di Milano October 2013 - September 2017

During my PhD I have modelled different FSI problems using numerical tools to understand them. In particular I have combined numerical analysis and High Performance Computing to simulate both classical engineering problems (ships) and biological problems (the motility strategies of swimming micro-organisms).

Master Degree in Aeronautical Engineering

Politecnico di Milano September 2010 - July 2013

In the first part of my master degree I have strengthened my knowledge in all the main area involved in the projet of an airplane (from flight dynamics to structures). Then I have chosen to focus my study in Aerodynamics. This has provided me a deep knowledge of classical fluid dynamics and in particular I have focused my attention in the computational aspects of such problems. Following these choices I've carried out my thesis in computational fluid dynamics at SISSA.

Bachelor Degree in Aerospace Engineering

Politecnico di Milano September 2007 - September 2010

The bachelor degree has given me a solid basic technical-scientific background. In those three years I've acquired the engineering mentality of industrial engineers, using the aerospace context and applications as a study and educational environment.

Master in High Performance Computing

SISSA - ICTP September 2014 - December 2015

The first joint SISSA-ICTP master in High Performance Computing has provided me a solid knowledge of parallel computing. The thesis, evaluated with top marks, has been focused on the parallelisation of Boundary Elements Methods and Fast Multipole Methods.

Research Areas


SISSA PhD Student May 2014 - Present

This is the main topic of my Phd thesis at SISSA. The work is carried out in the framework of ERC AdG 340685 MicroMotility . We want to develop a code able to reproduce the behavior of a microswimmer. The code is based on a Boundary Element Method for the Stokes equation and it is already highly parallel. Such a code should be a key instrument to test new mathematical models for microswimmers.

Ship Wave interactions

Master thesis - SISSA PhD student October 2012 - Present

This topic has been the main aspects of my master thesis in Aeronautical Engineering. In particular we have developped a code able to predict, through a linearized model, the wave resistance of a hull. We have modelled the water has an incompressible fluid and applied the well known theory of potential flow. The results, completed in the first part of my PhD at SISSA, have been quite interesting and they have been part of the projects OpenSHIP and it is part of the project OpenViewSHIP .

High Performance Computing

MHPC - SISSA PhD student September 2014 - Present

This is playing a keyrole in my PhD activity that is centered on the developping of softwares. I've attended the first SISSA-ICTP master in high performance computing to properly understand and use all those informatic techniques that are nowadays essential to fully exploit modern supercomputers.