Cosmological models based on variants of the standard CDM scenario have been proposed by many authors. In my PhD thesis [4] I have studied the
linear spectra evolution of a CDM model with a massive neutrino component(CHDM). For several years CHDM models have been considered to provide a good fit to clustering data, but the recent strong observational evidence for a non-zero cosmological constant  has ruled out these models. The Kamiokande experiment showed that neutrinos have a non-zero rest mass, so it has been studied the possible influence on the primeval spectrum P(k) of a CDM cosmology , dominated by a   term ( CDM models), of a small neutrino mass m[8].

The main points are :

This line of research is currently in stand-by... Possible developments : T /T , clustering evolution, numerical simulations.

Other research subjects investigated in the linear regime have been the small-scale anisotropies of the cosmic background radiation [2,5]and its polarization [6].

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