SISSA Seminar
Analysis, Math-Phys, and Quantum


Thu 30.10.2014

László Zsidó
(Rome Tor Vergata)
On Woronowicz's approach to the Tomita-Takesaki theory (slides)
Thu 6.11.2014

Paolo Antonelli
(GSSI L'Aquila
On a class of non-linear Schrödinger equations with non-linear damping
Thu 20.11.2014

Alexander K. Motovilov
(JINR Dubna)
Bounds on perturbations of spectra and spectral subspaces
Thu 4.12.2014

Peter Pickl
(LMU Munich
Derivation of the semiclassical Schrödinger equation from Quantum Electrodynamics.
Thu 11.12.2014

Domenico Monaco
(SISSA Trieste
Geometry in Solid State Physics: the case study of topological insulators
Tue 13.01.2015

Nicola Visciglia
(University of Pisa
A revised version of the Brézis-Gallouët technique
Thu 22.01.2015

Naiara Arrizabalaga
UPV/EHU Bilbao)
Shell interactions for Dirac operators
Thu 29.01.2015

Daniele Guido
Rome Tor Vergata)
Crossed product of a spectral triple with a single endomorphism
Thu 12.02.2015

Valter Moretti
Frame functions in finite-dimensional Quantum Mechanics and its Hamiltonian formulation on complex projective spaces (slides)
Thu 5.03.2015 Claudia Negulescu
(UPS Toulouse III)
Numerical aspects concerning an efficient resolution of the Schrödinger equation. Application to decoherence.
Thu 12.03.2015

Riccardo Adami
(Polytechnic University Turin)
Ground states for the non-linear Schrödinger equation on graphs: existence and non-existence results
Tue 17.03.2015 Balázs Hetényi
(Bilkent University Ankara)
Supersolidity in the bosonic Hubbard model
Thu 19.03.2015 Balázs Hetényi
(Bilkent University Ankara)
The topology of ideal conduction
Thu 26.03.2015

Andrea Trombettoni
(Democritos Trieste
Suppression of Landau instability for supersonic superfluid flows
Mon 27.04.2015
Giuseppe De Nittis
The topology of chiral vector bundles
Wed 6.05.2015
Gianluca Panati
(Rome La Sapienza)
Geometry and localisation in periodic Schrödinger dynamics
Thu 14.05.2015 Alexander Lorz
(UPMC Paris, Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions)
At the crossroads of evolutionary PDEs, numerics, and biology: population dynamics and therapeutic resistance - mathematical models
Thu 4.06.2015

Fabio Benatti
University of Trieste)
Quantum fluctuations, dissipation, and mesoscopic entanglement
Fri 5.06.2015

Alessandro Giuliani
University of Rome III)
Quantum Hall effect in the interacting Haldane model
Thu 11.05.2015 Diego Noja
(Milan Bicocca)
Bifurcation and stability of standing waves for non-linear Schrödinger equation on a tadpole graph
Wed 17.06.2015

Benjamin Schlein
Time evolution of quantum systems in the BCS approximation