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The kernel of the gauge/string correspondence

"Now stop conjecturing. Close your eyes and do the computation."

      -- Paolo Di Vecchia (periodically since 2000)

These lectures on the Gauge/String Correspondence were given at the International School for Advanced Studies, SISSA, in December 2002. They are aimed at advanced graduate students and present in a pedagogical manner the efforts aiming to extend the well known AdS/CFT correspondence to non-conformal supersymmetric gauge theories in four dimensions. These lectures are on the archive, hep-th/0303160, and are also published, Int.J.Mod.Phys.A18:5647-5712,2003.

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  • 1. Introduction and Overview
  • 2. Fractional Branes on Orbifolds
    Fractional Branes: Open String Perspective; Fractional Branes: Closed String Perspective; Gauge Theory from Gravity: Example 1.
  • 3. Branes Wrapped on Calabi-Yau Spaces
    Wrapping Branes: the Topological Twist; Wrapping Branes: the Role of Gauged Supergravity; Gauge Theory from Gravity: Example 2.
  • 4. Dualities and Connection to other Approaches
    Branes Suspended Between Branes; M5 Branes Wrapped on Riemann Surfaces; Fractional Branes on Conifolds; Dualities as Geometric Transitions; M-Theory on G2 Holonomy Manifolds.

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