August 29th to September 3rd, Chern Institute, Tianjin, China

Categorical Methods in Geometry and Gauge Theory






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Scientific committee:

Bai Chengming (Chern Institute, Tianjin)
Ugo Bruzzo (SISSA, Trieste)
Diuliu E. Diaconescu (Rutgers, Piscataway)
Ron Donagi (Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)
Dimitri Markushevich (Univ. de Lille, France)
Tony Pantev (Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)

Organizing committee:

Bai Chengming (Chern Institute, Tianjin)
Ugo Bruzzo (SISSA Trieste)
Beatriz Graña (Univ. de Salamanca, Spain)
Igor Mencattini (SISSA Trieste)


The use of categories in geometry is at present a very hot topic at the crossroad of algebraic geometry and theoretical physics. Derived categories of coherent sheaves and of quiver representations play a central role in the study of moduli spaces of different geometric objects (stable sheaves, quivers representations, stable maps, etc.) and in   their applications to enumerative geometry, mirror symmetry, string theory and gauge theory. Related developments are the approach via derived geometry, and the geometric Langlands programme, which in recent years has witnessed a resurge of interest. This conference aims at gathering in a single event some of the top researchers in the area, to provide an updated survey of the most advanced and exciting developments in this topic.

The conference is meant for a mixed audience of international leading experts and young researchers (PhDs students and young post-docs) who are planning to do research in this area. For this reason, the programme will also include a few mini-courses, providing an introduction to the field. 

Speakers: V. Baranovsky (Chicago), A. Bayer (Connecticut), D. E. Diaconescu (Rutgers), A. Grassi (Univ. of Pennsylvania), D. Kaledin (Moscow), B. Kim (KIAS Seoul), L. Kong (Nankai), G. Landi (Trieste), E. Macrì (Salt Lake City), D. Markushevich (Lille), A. Mironov (Moscow), A. Morozov (Moscow), C. Okonek (Univ. of Zurich), C. Pedrini (Genova), A. Polishchuk (Oregon), V. Rubtsov (Angers), I. Runkel (Hamburg), F. Sala (SISSA/Lille), E. Sharpe (Virginia Tech), Y. Sheng (Jilin), P. Tortella (SISSA/Lille), M. Zabzine (Upssala), S. ZHang (Kansas SU), J. Zhou (Tsinghua)

The conference will be hosted, co-organized and supported by the Chern Institute for Mathematics of Nankai University in Tiajin, China.

The Chern Institute will provide full accommodation for 50 participants. If you are interested in participating, please write at your earliest convenience (and not later than May 31, 2010) to Please note that no refund of travel expenses will be possible.

Graduate students are particularly welcome to attend. Their local expenses (accommodation and meals) will be covered. Please attach a recommendation letter from your supervisor when you apply (otherwise support cannot be given).

We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you in Tianjin for this conference.