Fabio Franchini

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Bethe Ansatz Class



      Proven that frustrated boundary conditions can kill the local order parameter and replace it with different types of orders

      Identified mechanism for spontaneous breaking of U(N) symmetry in matrix models and proposal of first exactly solvable toy-model for Anderson Metal/Insulator Transition (work in progress)

      Universality in short-time dynamics of localized excitation after a quantum quench

      Edge state recombination gives lack of Local Convertibility: necessary in Universal Quantum Simulators

      Described an essential singularity of the entanglement entropies approaching non-conformal critical points

      Complete analytical characterization of entanglement entropies and spectrum for several integrable models

      Non-linear hydrodynamic coupling between spin and charge degrees of freedom in one-dimensional systems

      Description of correlations in a matrix models as emerging Hawking radiation (Luttinger liquid in Ridler space)