Fabio Franchini

Marie Curie Fellow - SISSA/Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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       Identified mechanism for spontaneous breaking of U(N) symmetry in matrix models and proposal of first exactly solvable toy-model for Anderson Metal/Insulator Transition (to be published)

       Universality in short-time dynamics of localized excitation after a quantum quench

       Edge state recombination gives lack of Local Convertibility: necessary in Universal Quantum Simulators

       Described an essential singularity of the entanglement entropies approaching non-conformal critical points

       Complete analytical characterization of entanglement entropies and spectrum for several integrable models

       Non-linear hydrodynamic coupling between spin and charge degrees of freedom in one-dimensional systems

       Description of correlations in a matrix models as emerging Hawking radiation (Luttinger liquid in Ridler space)