Fabio Franchini

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Bethe Ansatz Class



      The Frustration of Being Odd

      Spontaneous Ergodicity Loss in Invariant Matrix Models

      Spontaneous Breaking of U(N) Symmetry in Invariant Matrix Models - Poster

      Universal Dynamics of a Soliton after a Quantum Quench

      Universal Quantum Simulator, Local Convertibility and Edge States in Many-Body System

      Approaching Critical Points Through Entanglement

      Unusual singular behavior of the entanglement entropy in one-dimension

      Horizon in Random Matrix Theory, Hawking Radiation and Flow of Cold Atoms

      Nonlinear Dynamics of spin and charge in the spin-Calogero Model

      Quantum Entropy in the XY Model - Poster

      Quantum Entropy in the XY Model

      Ph.D. Thesis Defense

      Emptiness Formation Probability in the XY Model - Poster