Andrea Gambassi

SISSA - International School for Advanced Studies and INFN,

via Bonomea 265,

34136 Trieste (Italy)

Office: room 503, building A

Tel: +39 040 3787 285

Fax: +39 040 3787 528

email: gambassi(at)sissa(dot)it

  • Professor of Theoretical Physics at SISSA and member of the research group in Statistical Physics
  • Coordinator of the PhD program in Statistical Physics
  • SISSA coordinator of the PRIN project "Coarse-grained description for non-equilibrium system and transport phenomena" - CONEST 2019-2022

  • Director of ILAS - Interdisciplinary Lab for Advanced Studies at SISSA
  • SISSA Director's delegate for talent valorization
  • Member of SISSA technology transfer committee

Research interests:

  • Quantum and classical statistical physics: equilibrium and non-equilibrium collective phenomena, phase transitions, field theory and its applications, fluctuation-induced phenomena, soft and active matter, .... more here.

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