Bologna, September 22- 25, 2004

Analytic and Geometric theory
of the
Camassa-Holm equation and Integrable Systems 


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A workshop on the analytic and geometric theory of the Camassa-Holm equation and related integrable equations is being organized at CIRAM. The Camassa-Holm equation is the governing equation for waves in shallow water when surface tension is present. This involves an asymptotic expansion in small amplitude of the incompressible Euler equation for unidirectional motion under the influence of gravity.  A particular emphasis will be given on future developments.
The workshop will take place at CIRAM, Via Saragozza 8, Bologna ITALY from Wednesday September 22 to Saturday September 25, 2004.

Topics to be discussed are expected to include:

Scientific Committee: S. Abenda (Bologna), B. Dubrovin (SISSA), G. Falqui (SISSA), T. Grava (SISSA).

Organizing Committee: S. Abenda (Bologna),  T. Grava (SISSA).

Invited speakers:
(*) to be confirmed

Programme of the Conference, online lectures and abstracts

Please find here practical informations on how to reach CIRAM and the Hotel.

For further informations please contact

S. Abenda
G. Falqui
T. Grava

Picture of the Participants