Geometry and Math Phys

Student Seminars


Here you can find the list of the seminars (available also here):

Speaker Title When Room
Matteo Caorsi Categorical Webs and S-duality 17/1/2018, h 16:15 136
Daniele Dimonte Gross-Pitaevskii: an Effective Theory in Quantum Mechanics 31/1/2018, h 16:15 005
Andrea Maiorana Moduli of semistable sheaves as quiver moduli 14/2/2018, h 16:15 136
Kaiwen Sun Blowup equations for refined topological strings 7/3/2018, h 16.15 136
Khazhgali Kozhasov Critical points of polynomial functions 14/3/2018, h 16:15 136
Giulio Ruzza Kontsevich-Witten Theorem and isomonodromic tau functions 28/3/2018, h 16:30 136
Massimo Bagnarol Betti numbers of moduli spaces of genus 0 stable maps 2/5/2018, h 16:15 136
Alessandro Carotenuto Life, miracles and differential calculus of Jordan algebras 23/5/2018, h 16:15 136
Alexander Minakov Solvability of Whitham type system of equations for ... 29/5/2018, h 16.15 136
Matteo Gallone Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou: When paradox turns discovery 22/6/2018, h 14.15 136

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