International School for Advanced Studies

Statistical and Biological Physics

Contact information:

C. Micheletti
Via Bonomea 265
I-34136 Trieste

FAX: +39 040 3787528
TEL: +39 040 3787300

Cristian Micheletti


I am a full professor at the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste, Italy. After obtaining the PhD degree from Oxford University (1996) I joined the Statistical Mechanics group in SISSA, where I am part of the staff of the Molecular and Statistical and Biophysics unit.

Our group is focused on the development and use of statistical mechanical concepts, models and methods to characterise soft-matter and biological systems. My current main research interest is understanding the impact of entanglement, especially knots and links, on the static, kinetics and functionality of biopolymers, especially nucleic acids both with and without spatial confinement.

A more detailed account of the research can be found in the publication list.