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Supplementary Material

    A. How to obtain the source code for the Beta-Gaussian Model

    The source code of the programme which implements the Beta-Gaussian Model is made freely available for academic use. To obtain the code (provided "as is", with no support!) please send an e-mail request to

    The details of the Beta Gaussian Model and its efficiency for identify the large-scale structural changes induced in proteins by thermal fluctuations are discussed in the following article:

    C. Micheletti, P. Carloni and A. Maritan
    Accurate and efficient description of protein vibrational dynamics: comparing molecular dynamics and Gaussian models
    Proteins, 55, 635 (2004). Abstract , Preprint full text (cond-mat archive).

    B. Supplementary material to:
    C. Micheletti, F. Seno and A. Maritan
    Recurrent oligomers in proteins - an optimal scheme reconciling accurate and concise backbone representations in automated folding and design studies.
    Proteins: Structure, Function and Genetics 40, 662-674, (2000). preprint version from the cond-mat archive.,

    C. Supplementary material to:
    C. Micheletti, F. Seno, J. R. Banavar and A. Maritan
    Learning effective amino acid interactions through iterative stochastic techniques
    Proteins 42, 422-431 (2001). preprint version from the cond-mat archive.

    D. Illustrative material for optimal packing in protein helices.
    Original article on compact conformations of a thick polymer:
    A. Maritan, C. Micheletti, A. Trovato and J. R. Banavar,
    Optimal shapes of compact strings
    Nature, 406 287-290 (2000). Abstract ,
    preprint version from the cond-mat archive.

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