Abdus Salam. The dream of symmetry

Original idea and script                                     Giuseppe Mussardo

Storyline and historical background                  Luisa Bonolis

Photography                                                      Daniele Trani

Movie Director                                                   Diego Cenetiempo  

Pilgrim Production



Academy of Sciences for the Developing World

Consorzio per la Fisica Trieste

In Jhang, a small town in the Punjab, one night a man dreamt that his child was climbing high up in a tree, so high that soon he seemed to disappear into the blue sky. The name of the child was Abdus Salam, that means “Servant of Peace”, who was going to win in 1979 the Nobel Prize in Physics for his groundbreaking advances in our understanding of the laws of Nature. But not only was he a great scientist, he was also a visionary and humanitarian. With a burning concern, fired by his unhappiness at having to leave his own country for pursuing higher research, Abdus Salam always tried to find ways to make science the common and shared heritage of all mankind.

From a remote village in Pakistan to the prestigious colleges of Cambridge, from the exciting atmosphere of London to the charming seaside city of Trieste, where Abdus Salam founded the International Centre for Theoretical Physics. This is the engaging story of his life and, at the same time, the fascinating account of one of the most creative and exciting periods of discovery in the history of physics: the dream of a unified theory of elementary particles and fundamental forces in Nature

Chapters of the movie

East is east

Education of a theoretical physicist

Taming the infinities

A farewell to home.

Through the looking-glass

The dream of symmetry.  

A small port, a large door open to the world.

A turbant in Stockholm.

With the kind partecipation of:

David Gross, Gerard ‘t Hooft, Steven Weinberg, Michael Green, Fernando Quevedo, Frank Close, Gordon Fraser, Luciano Maiani, Jean Iliopoulos, Jogesh Pati, John Polkinghorne, George Sudarshan, Tom Kibble, Chris Isham, Seif Randjbar-Daemi, Luciano Bertocchi, Daniele Amati, Giancarlo Ghirardi, Andre-Marie Hamende, Katepalli Sreenivasan, Miguel Angel Virasoro, Yu Lu, Umar Salam, Ahmad Salam, Abdul Majid, Muhammad Abdur Rasheed.

The movie has been released on September 2011.

Below you can see its promo version