Conference Organizer

Bruno Touschek. “Magnetic Discusssion”

{}Coming Events  

     Quantum Paths, April-June 2018, Erwin-Schrödinger Institute for Mathematics and Physics

Wien (Austria)

Past Events

      Wonders of Broken Integrability, October 2017,

F.Essler, G. Mussardo, A. Tsvelik

Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, Stony Brook, NY (USA), October 2017

     MATRIX program, Integrability in Low-Dimensional Quantum Systems, July 2017,  

Mathematical Research Institute, Creswick, Australia

     Mathematical Aspects of Quantum Integrable Models in and out of equilibrium  

D. Bernard,  F.Essler,  G. Mussardo,  

January-February 2016

Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, (UK)

     • New Trends in Low-Dimensional Physics and Quantum Integrability  

Y.Wang, F. Alcaraz,  G. Mussardo, P. Pearce, X. Wen

September 2016

Chinese Academy of Science (Beijing), China

     • Entanglement and Non-Equilibrium Physics in Pure and Disorder Systems  

P.Calabrese, O. Castro Alvaredo, F.Essler, M. Muller, G. Mussardo, A. Scardicchio

July 2016

Institute of Theoretical Physics (Hanoi), Vietnam

     • Quantum Integrabilty,  Conformal Field Theories and Topological Computation  

F. Alcaraz, F. Essler, G. Mussardo, G. Sierra, R. Pereira  

March-April 2014

International Institute of Physics (Natal), Brazil

     • Topological Phases and Quantum Computation  

Tran Minh Tien, G. Mussardo, A. Scardicchio, P.Wiegmann  

December  2013

Institute of Theoretical Physics (Hanoi), Vietnam

     • Workshop on  Ultracold Atoms and Gauge Theories

J. Dalibard, M. Lowenstein, G. Mussardo, C. Sa de Melo, A. Trombettoni

May 2013, ICTP, Trieste (Italy)

     • The Beauty of Integrability: low-dimensional physics,

statistical models and solitons

F. Alcaraz, G. Mussardo, P. Pearce

15-28 July 2012

International Institute of Physics (Natal), Brazil

     • Workshop on Quantum Simulations with Cold Atoms

I. Bloch, M. Inguscio, M. Lowenstein, G. Mussardo, A. Trombettoni

July 2012, ICTP, Trieste (Italy)  

     • Workshop on Frontiers of Cold Atoms

W. Ketterle, M. Koehl, G. Mussardo, A. Trombettoni

6-10 June 2011, ICTP, Trieste (Italy)  

     • Workshop on Integrability and its Breaking in

  Strongly Correlated Systems

     A.     Giamarchi, V. Gritsev, M. Muller, G. Mussardo, A. Silva

22-27 May 2011, ICTP, Trieste (Italy)  

     • Autumn College on Non-Equilibrium Quantum Physics

B. Altshuler, L. Cugliandolo, M. Kiselev, G. Mussardo, F. von Oppen

2-13 May 2011, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

     • Nordita Program: Quantum Matter in Low-dimensions:

Opportunities and Challenges,

E. Ardonne, H. Johanneson, G. Mussardo  

[30 August - 24 September 2010, Stockholm (Sweden)]


     • INSTANS Conference: Quantum Matter in Low-dimensions,

E. Ardonne, H. Johanneson, G. Mussardo

[6-10 September 2010, Stockholm (Sweden)]

      Exactly Solved Models in Statistical Physics,

R.J. Baxter, V.V. Bazhanov, P. Isaac, G. Mussardo,

P.A. Pearce, Y.Z. Zhang

[14-17 July 2010, Brisbane (Australia)]

     • INSTANS Summer School: Topological Phases of Matter,

G. Mussardo, K. Schoutens, G. Sierra

[20 June-3 July 2010, Benasque (Spain)]

     • Finite-Size Technology in Low-Dimensional Quantum Systems,

J. L. Miramontes, P. Dorey, G. Mussardo, P. Pearce, C. Rim

[27 June - 17 July 2010, Benasque (Spain)]

     •   Workshop on Quantum Statistical Mechanics, Computation and Information,

E. Farhi, M. Hastings, G. Mussardo, A. Scardiccho, S. Sondhi;

[14-18 June 2010], ICTP, Trieste (Italy)],

     • Time dependent dynamics and non-equilibrium quantum systems,

J. von Delft, G. Mussardo, G. Takacs, G. Zarand

[19-22 May 2010, Budapest (Hungary)]

     •   Non-equilibrium Physics 2009 ICTP Summer College, Trieste (Italy)

      Finite-size technology in low dimensional quantum system 2008 APCTP Program, Pohang (Korea)

      2008 Galileo Galilei Institute, 3-month Extended Program “Quantum Field Theory in  Low-Dimension and Application”, Florence (Italy)

     • 2008 INSTANS Conference “Exact Results in Low-dimensional Quantum Systems”, Florence (Italy)

      2007 Statistical Field Theory of Quantum Device”, Perugia (Italy)

     • 2007 Summer School “From Statistical Physics to Conformal and Quantum Field Theory”,

          Melbourne (Australia)  

2006 INSTANS Conference, “Interdisciplinary Statistical and Quantum Field Theory Approaches to Nano-physics,     

          Villa Olmo, Como (Italy)

      2005 EUCLID Conference “Quantum Integrability”, Sozopol (Bulgaria)

      2003 EUCLID Summer School “Quantum Integrable Field Theories”, Trieste (Italy)

      2001 “Statistical Field Theories”, Villa Olmo, Como (Italy)

      2001 EUCLID Conference “Low-dimensional quantum systems”, Florence (Italy)

      1999 EUCLID Conference “Integrable systems”, Santiago de Campostela (Spain)

      1998 ICTP Conference “Statistical Field Theories”, Trieste (Italy)

1997 Landau Institute Conference “Conformal Field Theory and Statistical Mechanics”, (Russia)

      1996 ICTP Conference “Quantum Field Theory and Condensed Matter”, Trieste (Italy)

1992 “Integrable Quantum Field Theories”, Villa Olmo, Como (Italy)