Galois. Story of a revolutionary mathematician

Original idea and script                                     Giuseppe Mussardo

Photography                                                      Daniele Trani

Movie Director                                                   Diego Cenetiempo  

Pilgrim Production

Sponsors:  SISSA, ICTP, Simons Center, Pristem,

Consorzio per la Fisica Trieste

Paris, May 29, 1832. In the middle of the night, on the eve of a duel, Évariste Galois, a little older than twenty, handles for the last time a manuscript full of equations and theorems he had written four years earlier. "I have no time! I do not have time!" he frantically wrote in the margins.

Apart from the solution to a famous algebraic problem that has obsessed the minds of great mathematicians for centuries, that manuscript marks the beginning of an extraordinary scientific adventure that radically changed the way we see the world nowadays. Galois has made us aware of the power of symmetry and mathematical beauty, providing us with the ideal language to unveil the fundamental laws of the universe, from the microscopic world of elementary particles studied at CERN in Geneva, to the extraordinary vastness of intergalactic spaces.

Genius, rebellious, revolutionary, bitter due to the lack of official recognition, intolerant of injustices, tormented by his father's suicide, Galois is a romantic heroic character, a figure who seems to come out of the pages of a Victor Hugo or Stendhal's novel.

The tragic history of his life has a fascination that never seems to end.

Chapters of the movie

The Red and the Black

The shop of algebraic equations

The lost manuscript

The Great Game

Whom the Gods love

With the kind partecipation of:

Pierre Cartier, Alain Connes, Marcus du Sautoy, Don Zagier, Norbert Verdier, Cédric Villani, Guido Martinelli,

Renato Betti, John David Barrow, Rachel Camina, Charles Alunni, Gian Francesco Giudice, Giancarlo Ghirardi,

Chiara Mariotti, Martin Rees, Fernando Quevedo, Michelangelo Mangano.

The movie has been released on September 2017.

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