SISSA Seminar
Analysis, Math-Phys, and Quantum


Thu 22.10.2015Antti Knowles
(ETH Zurich)
Local eigenvalue statistics for random regular graphs
Thu 29.10.2015Pavel Exner
(CAS Prague)
Schrödinger operators exhibiting a parameter-dependent spectral transition.
Thu 5.11.2015Federico Carollo
(University of Trieste)
Non-Markovian many-body dynamics
Thu 12.11.2015Jan Dereziński
Canonical commutation relations and Bogoliubov transformations
Thu 19.11.2015
Detlef Dürr
(LMU Munich)
What is the mystery of Quantum Physics?
Thu 26.11.2015Giuseppe Marmo
Geometric formulation of Quantum Mechanics: states and evolution
Thu 3.12.2015John Barrett
Random non-commutative geometries
Mon 7.12.2015Teoman Turgut
Istanbul Boğaziçi)
Heat kernel approach to singular problems
Thu 10.12.2015Roberto Longo
(Rome Tor Vergata and CMTP)
Where infinite spin particles are localizable
Thu 17.12.2015 Susanna Terracini
On Aharonov-Bohm operators with varying poles
Fri 18.12.2015Teoman Turgut
Istanbul Boğaziçi)
Some ideas for Bose-Einstein condensation on a manifold
Thu 14.1.2016Gustavo De Oliveira
(SISSA Trieste)
Quantum dynamics of a particle constrained to lie on a surface
Thu 21.01.2016 Andrea Sacchetti
Non-linear Schrödinger equation with periodic potential (plus Stark-type perturbation)
Thu 28.01.2016

Jussi Behrndt
(TU Graz)
Scattering matrices and Dirichlet-to-Neumann maps
Thu 28.01.2016
Andrea Posilicano
(Como Insubria
Limiting absorption principle, generalised eigenfunction expansions, and scattering matrix for Laplace operators with boundary conditions on hyper-surfaces
Thu 4.02.2016
Fabio Benatti
University of Trieste)
Dissipative dynamics on large spin chains - Part I
Fri 5.02.2016
Fabio Benatti
University of Trieste)
Dissipative dynamics on large spin chains - Part II
International School and Workshop MCQM-2016, "Mathematical Challenges in Quantum Mechanics", Bressanone
Thu 18.02.2016 Mario Pulvirenti
(Rome La Sapienza)
Scaling limits and kinetic equations
Thu 25.02.2016 Rodolfo Figari
Tracks of a quantum particle in quantum environments
29.02.2016 - 11.03.2016
Peter Pickl
(LMU Munich
Quantum many-body dynamics and effective evolution equations (graduate course)
Thu 3.03.2016
Lorenzo Piroli
Non-equilibrium dynamics in many-body quantum integrable systems
Thu 3.03.2016
Raffaele Resta
(University of Trieste
The geometry of the insulating state of matter
Fri 11.03.2016
Nikolai Leopold
(LMU Munich
Mean-field limits of charged particles in interaction with their radiation field
Thu 21.04.2016

Serena Cenatiempo
GSSI L'Aquila)
A norm approximation to the boson many-body dynamics
Wed 4.05.2016
Christian Kühn
(TU Graz)
Schrödinger operators with delta-interactions on curves in R^3
Thu 12.05.2016
Alessandro Fonda
(University of Trieste
Periodic solutions of Hamiltonian systems arising from the Poincaré-Birkhoff theorem
Thu 12.05.2016
Guglielmo Feltrin
(SISSA Trieste)
High multiplicity of positive solutions to indefinite boundary value problems: a topological approach
Thu 19.5.2016

Andrea Trombettoni
(SISSA Trieste
Quantum simulations of the Kondo effect in Y-junctions of 1D waveguides with ultra-cold bosons
Thu 19.5.2016

Stefan Teufel
The non-linear Schrödinger limit for bosons in a quantum wave-guide
Tue 24.05.2016
Valentina Ros
(SISSA Trieste
Interacting quantum systems with disorder: localisation and integrals of motion
Mon 6.06.2016
Vladimir Georgiev
Scattering of small solutions of the cubic non-linear Schrödinger equation with short-range potentials
Thu 9.06.2016Gian Michele Graf
(ETH Zurich
Time-reversal invariant topological insulators and a comparison of indices
Tue 14.06.2016
Ugo Boscain
(CNRS and Ecole Polytechnique)
Introduction to quantum control - I
Thu 16.06.2016
Ugo Boscain
(CNRS and Ecole Polytechnique)
Introduction to quantum control - II
21-23 June 2016
Workshop "Trieste Quantum Days -- solid, stat, et al"
International Workshop CT-MQM-2016, "Contemporary Trends in the Mathematics of Quantum Mechanics", Rome
Mon 11.07.2016Andrea Ottolini
(SISSA Trieste)
Self-adjoint extension theories and models of zero-range interactions
EMS-IAMP summer school "Universality, Scaling Limits, and Effective Theories", Rome